Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals - LIPODRENE ELITE - 90 Tablets

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Increased Fat Loss! Better Appetite Suppression! More Energy All Day Long!


The new Elite formula is here. From Lipodrene to Xtreme to Hardcore...now Elite! It's the first fat burning supplement to use the power of coca leaves! Yes...that's right, they are using Coca leaves! And out of the whole series, this promises to be the strongest formula ever created by Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals. Each bottle contains 60 tablets and at a dosage of two tablets per day, a complete bottle will last you a full month!


Powered by Coca Leaves!
Added 1,3 DMAA!
Benefits & Results: What Can You Expect from Taking Lipodrene Elite?!
Increased Fat Loss!
Better Appetite Suppression!
Increased Mood and Feelings of Well Being!
More Energy All Day Long!
Directions & Dosage!


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