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Have you heard about YK-11 Sarm? Well, if you have not read or heard about it, you have no reason to worry because you come to the right place.


YK-11 Sarm is a synthetic steroid with anabolic as well as undiscovered progestin potential.

The product has the same backbone like the steroids. The selective androgen receptor modulator gives users the same growth muscles results as other steroids without any negative side effects.

The substance has the ability of producing the similar effects as myostatin. Japanese scientists have continued to do experiments to discover more about the steroid


Yuichiro Kanno, Toho University did an initial study on YK-11 Sarm and showed that the rare compound belongs to selective androgen receptor modulators.

YK-11 Sarm attaches itself to the androgen receptor leading to the traditional effects of androgens such as enhanced aggression, growth of hair and prostate among others.

A good number of the SARMS come with limited side effects and YK-11 Sarm is not very different. In another research conducted by Kanno, muscles have the ability to generate anabolic effects when you expose them to 500 nanomoles of YK-11 Sarm than 500 nanomoles of DHT.

In other words, YK-11 Sarm induces your muscle cells to produce more folliastatin more than the same amount of DHT does.

YK-11 Sarm works through your androgen receptors. Having said that, there is no doubt that YK-11 Sarm is as good as testosterone when used for muscle strengthening. The good thing about YK-11 Sarm is that it does not have any side effects so far.


YK-11 shows great promise as one of the most effective selective androgen receptor modulators. The product has many benefits including muscles growth and growth of hair among others.

Unlike other dangerous steroids, YK-11 does not have any detrimental side effects when used. If you have been looking for a powerful SARM supplement that will help you promote massive growth of lean muscles as well as shredded physique, you can try YK-11.